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This information relates to NBMU Campus Ås. Information for students at Campus Adamstuen can be found here The NMBU website is currently in progress.

NMBU wants its students to enjoy and manage their everyday life as a student. NMBU is working towards becoming a universally designed university, but we will also facilitate for those with special needs or disabilities.

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The Learning Environment
It is important that students at UMB are feeling included and safe in their daily life, both in terms of the physical and the psychosocial learning environment. This applies both to study and leisure time. Students at UMB should not feel harassed or discriminated against in any way. The UMB’s Learning Environment Committee monitors and follows up the learning environment at UMB.

Individual facilitation
Do you need individual facilitation during your studies or exams? Whether in certain periods or during your whole study program? Please contact UMB's Department of Academic Affairs for help.

Do you need help?

Throughout your studies, you may experience tough and difficult times. Sometimes you might just need someone to talk to. UMB, SiÅs and Ås municipality (kommune) are working closely together and can help you with different kinds of counselling, health services or similar needs. UMB also arrange Speak Up - courses on a regular basis for students who feel unsure about speaking in public.

Career Guidance
Are you approaching the end of your program, and are unsure of future career possibilities and how to apply for work? UMB regularly arrange Jobseeker courses, with the aim of making you more aware of your own competence. Please contact the Student information Centre (SiT) for more information.

Quality assurance of the education
- The quality assurance system

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Learning Environment Committee at UMB

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