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PhD and Master's theses

The following PhD and Master theses have been completed as a part of the collaboration.


Ingrid Nyborg, PhD in Development Studies. 2002.
Yours Today, Mine Tomorrow? A Study of Women and Men’s Negotiations Over Resources in Baltistan, Pakistan.
Noragric PhD Dissertation No. 1. Noragric/NLH, Ås, Norway. ISSN: 1503-2078; ISSN: '0802-3220; ISBN: 82-575-0510-2. | Abstract | Cover |

For a copy of the dissertation, please contact the author: ingrid.nyborg'at'

Jawad Ali, PhD in Development Studies (2009)
Deforestation in the Himalayas: Mainstream views, institutional failure and `alternative systems´. A case study from Northern Pakistan.
Noragric PhD Dissertation No. Noragric/UMB, Ås, Norway. ISSN:1503-1667; ISBN: 978-82-575-0876-0
| Abstract | Cover |
Some articles are available online here.

For a copy of the dissertation, please contact the author: jawad'at'


Ten students at UMB, from Pakistan and Norway, have conducted fieldwork for their Master's thesis in the project area.

The following master's theses present the results of their research:

Ingvar Tveiten . 2007.
Glacier grafting – a strategy to overcome water-scarcity in the Northern Areas, Pakistan. | Abstract | Full text |

Ghulam Raza. 2007.
Characteristics, management practices and peoples’ preferences for local cows and exotic crossbreeds in Baltistan, Pakistan. | Abstract |

Geir Ambro. 2006.
Defining Local Ownership: A grounded theory approach From Aga Khan Rural Support Programme’s Projects in Baltistan. | Abstract | | Full text |

Wazir Shabbir Hussain. 2005.
The contribution of social forestry to the livelihoods of rural community in Hussainabad, Pakistan.
| Abstract |

Gulcheen Aqil. 2004.
Morality and rationality! Which comes first? : mutual insurance and solidarity networks in the Western Himalayan societies. | Abstract |

Muhammad Essa. 2004.
Household income and natural forest conservation by agroforestry: an analysis based on two agro-ecological zones: Bagrot and Jalalabad in Northern Pakistan. | Abstract |

Muhammad Abbas. 2003.
Indigenous yak-cow cross breeding in Baltistan. | Abstract |

Sigurdur Freyr Gudbrandsson. 2002.
Assessment of the current state of Basho forest, Northern areas, Pakistan, how it is changing and the effect on the natural regeneration of Pinus Wallichiana and Juniperus Exelsa. | Abstract |
Snorre J. Synnestvedt & Jacob Thompsen . 1999. Factors influencing regeneration of Pinus wallichiana and Juniperus excelsa, Basho valley, Baltistan, Pakistan. | Abstract |

Veronika Seim. 1999.
Grazing behaviour, habitat use and diet selection of domestic animals on the high pastures in Basho valley, Baltistan. | Abstract |

People from Basho Valley
People from Basho Valley Photo: Josie Teurlings



Bahadar Nawab 2006.
Ecological, socio-cultural and institutional challenges in the provision of safe water and improved sanitation in NWFP, Pakistan.
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Thesis 2006:18. Dept Environment and Development Studies (Noragric)/Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Ås, Norway. ISSN: 1503-1667; ISBN: 82-575-0720-2.
| Abstract | Cover |


Ola Stedje Hanserud. 2007.
The South Asian earthquake 2005. Water and sanitation in a transitional phase of post disaster efforts.
| Abstract |

Sajjad Ali Khan. 2006.
Evolution of the Devolution Plan: Local Government System Revived or Reformed? A study conducted in district Mardan of the NWFP, Pakistan. | Full text | | Abstract |

Tabasum Noorjamal. 2006.
Assessment of conservation agriculture from an agronomic, economic and social perspective in Punjab, Pakistan. | Abstract |

Shagufta Jeelani. 2005.
Land based livelihood in Baltistan, Pakistan. | Abstract |

Najia Bazmi. 2005.
Addressing poverty through natural resource management : an analysis of Integrated Land Management Project (ILMP) interventions in village Persacha, Azad Jammu and Kashmir. | Abstact |

Nawab, Bahadar. 2003. Stakeholders’ perception on drinking water and sanitation and the potential for treatments systems in NWFP, Pakistan. | Abstact |

Shaukat Hayat. 1999.
Institutions in natural resource management : a case from North West Frontier Province, Pakistan.
| Abstract |

Raza, Taqdees. 1998. Role of gender in integrated pests and disease management: a case study of district Failalabad and Multan, Pakistan. | Abstact |

Roohi, Tehmina and Lucie Jerabkova. 1997. People, resources and sustainability: a study of resource management in Baltistan, Pakistan. | Abstact |

Shafique, Mohammad. 1997. Perceiving and managing soil erosion by farmers in Kashmir, Pakistan.
| Abstact |

Zakir, Shahida Nasreen. 1997. Comparative study of Norwegian and Pakistani legislation concerning pollution control, with special reference to pollution problems on Gadoon Amazai Industrial Estate North West Frontier Pakistan. | Abstact |

Ayaz, Mohammad. 1996. Changes in land use and farming systems in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.
| Abstact |

Sabir, Iftikhar Hussain. 1994. Numerical modelling of groundwater recharge rate; Schedule I-B area, Fourth drainage project, Faisalabad, Pakistan. | Abstact |

Hasan, Abrarul. 1993. Fish and shrimp harvests and socio-economic survey in two mangrove areas of Sindh coast, Pakistan. | Abstact |


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Updated: 18.05.10
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