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Youth and Land

Stein T. Holden

NMBU-Centre for Land Tenure Studies (CLTS) is hosting an international meeting for UN-HABITAT: "Exploring the Youth Dimensions of the Global Land Tools Agenda" at UMB, January 24-25, 2012.

The meeting will investigate the global situation in relation to the access to and property rights to land for youth and the need for action to improve access to land for the young as a source of livelihood.

Youth may access land through their parents or through the market, but this access may come late in life and access is rationed in various ways both within families and through the markets and the consequences of this for the welfare of the young generation varies geographically.

The importance of land for the youth also varies greatly and is more of an issue in areas where land is of high economic importance and where alternative employment opportunities are limited.

More information about the meeting
Link to the program

Background reading
Towards a Youth Agenda for the Global Land Tool Network: A Scoping Study

Updated: 10.01.14
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