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Remote Desktop

Magnus Stuve Thomassen

Remote desktop is a way to get hands on services and applications used or provided by UMB. Remote desktop is mainly used for two purposes:

·         Printing

·         Terminal access

Nb! All provided info with “Text goes here” are supposed to be typed as Text goes here not as “Text goes here”.

This is the how-to guide for printing through remote desktop:

1.       You need to make a connection to your home area also known as your computer lab area “My Documents”.

2.       To put your desired files in the home area.

3.       It’s important that your files can be associated with the programs on the Remote Desktop. I might not work if you use a program that is newer than on the remote desktop, or the print out might look a bit different.

4.       You must use a network on UMB, such as Eduroam, VPN or through the SiÅs apartments.

5.       You have to type in “mstsc” in the run/search field on the start menu, if you are using another operation system then you have to try the how to guide for MAC or ubuntu below.

6.       Type in the server address. Log in with the username and zone 1 password. Find your way to file you want to print and push print.

Nb! You can’t edit your office files with office viewer. It is possible to choose open office, but it might look different than on your own computer.

Related how-to guides - Home area - Eduroam - VPN remote desktop to Ubuntu

Remote Desktop for MAC, remember to setup VPN first. - remote desktop on MAC.

Updated: 03.12.13
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