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Studentprint - activate card

Anne-Marthe Leinebø

In order to activate your card for printing, you have to use a PUK code.  Please scroll down in the article, where there is a guide for generating a PUK code.  Remember that after you have entered the PUK code, you will have to enter PIN code (1234) twice.

To generate PUK code, please do the following:

Go to If you are logged on to a computer lab, you will be automaticaly logged on to the webpage. If you are using a private computer, you have to log in with username and your zone1-password.
Innlogging Photo:

After logging in, you will see a page with different categories. Choose "Setup".
Setup Photo:

Continue to the tab saying "Codes".
Codes Photo:

Press the button "Generate new PUK". You will now get a warning saying: "If you proceed, your assigned card number will be deleted!". Press "OK".

You now have a new 8-digit PUK-code. Write it down, so you can take it to a nearby printer

Press "Logout" after writing down the PUK-code.

To activate your card, enter the PUK-code received by e-mail into one of the student printers.

Ricoh login
Ricoh login Photo:
Go to a nearby printer, and hold your student card in front of the card reader. You will get a message saying "Ukjent bruker" (unknown user in norwegian) before you're asked to enter your PUK-code:
Ricoh - tast PUK
Ricoh - tast PUK Photo:
Enter it, and confirm with "OK". You then have to enter a PIN-code. This code is 1234. You have to enter the PIN twice.

Your card is now activated, and ready for use then printing or copying, given that you have money in your printing account.

Published: 05.08.10
Updated: 07.11.13
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