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Cost Action

COST Action 0905
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- COST Action Project FA0905. Final Conference 17 - 19 March 2014. Proceedings.
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- COST Action Project FA0905. Final Conference 17-19 March 2014. ISBN 978-605-4348-72-5. 2014 Sabanci University.

- APC-FAO9051. Mark Aarts.
- Monitoring progress report
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- Scientific report of the School of Plant Proteomics.


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COST Action 0905

Bal Ram Singh

Mineral Improved Crop Production for Healthy Food and Feed.

COST Action 0905 will enable significant progress in:

enhancing bioavailability in soils and plant uptake and translocation of minerals to edible food parts
  [fortified food],

reducing amounts of  toxic  minerals in food crops
[food chain safety]

and thus  leading to improved human  health.
COSTlogo Photo: Ukjent

Aims COST FA 0905 is a network of co-ordinated national research projects.

The main aims of the Action are to:

• identify bottlenecks limiting the content of bioavailable minerals (Fe, Zn, Mg, Se) in the consumable crop part
• provide solutions for 3-fold increase in bioavailable food/feed mineral content
• assess ways to limit the entry of Cd and As into the food chain
• disseminate this knowledge to stakeholders and the public. European dimension and added values COST

FA 0905 will strive to
• maximise European synergy in research cooperation,
• provide innovative ideas to improve the mineral status of food and feed,
• Find methods to exploit genetic variability of food and fodder crops,
• enhance scientific know how to improve minerals in food under modern processing,
• create training and exchange programs, for students, postdoctoral fellows, and young researchers, especially women, and
• identify key institutes and personnel for efficient assessment of food and feed mineral quality across

Europe 29 countries have now joined COST 859 EU Framework Programme COST Action FA0905:
• is supported by the EU Framework programme
• lies in the domain of Food and Agriculture, and
• operates according to the guidelines of the COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology ) intergovernmental framework.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) came into effect on 21 January 2010 .

The Action is of 4 years duration and will last on April 13, 2014. Statistics (as of April 2010)

Number of participants from COST countries: 227 ( About 38% female)
Number of participating COST countries: 26
Number of participants from non-COST countries: 7
Number of participating non-COST countries: 3

Updated: 13.01.11
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Cost Action

Cost Action

Additional information

COST is supported by the EU Framework Programme ESF (Fondation européenne de la science) est une association à but non-lucratif de droit français (Alsace) 1 quai Lezay-Marnésia, B.P. 90015, 67080 Strasbourg cedex, France