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COST Action Conceptual Framework Book, just published by Loughborough University Press. Joe Sempik, the Chair of WG1 has produced the book. 

Final COST 866 conference 24.-26.08 2010 in Witzenhausen, Germany

From 24.- 26.08.2010 the final conference of the COST Action 866 Green Care in Agriculture will take place in Witzenhausen/ Germany. The main objective of the Action is to increase the scientific knowledge on the best practices for implementing green care in agriculture with the aim of improving human mental and physical health and the quality of life.

So Far book

So Far book

Supporting policies for Social Farming in EuropeProgressing Multifunctionality in Responsive Rural Areas SoFar project: supporting EU agricultural policies

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Antalya - conference presentations

Antalya - conference presentations

On this page you will find some of the presentations held at the 4th COST 866 workshop in Antalya 2009.

COST Action 866 - Green Care in Agriculture

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