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Working Group 1 - Health effects of green care

Bjarne Olai Braastad

The main aim of this Working Group is to coordinate research and develop new research in biological, medical and health sciences for the purpose of gaining new insight into the effects of various types of green care on several aspects of physical and mental health and the quality of life of people. The work must include conceptual and theoretical discussions and developments, as well as discussions on research methodologies.

Chair: Dr. Joe Sempik, Loughborough University, UK
Vice-Chair: Prof. Patrik Grahn, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

1. Develop a conceptual framework and theoretical models for the health promoting mechanisms of green care.
2. Comparison and discussion of ongoing research projects related to health effects on people.
3. Establishment of a set of good research methodologies.

WG1 Photo: Bjarne Braastad

Published: 06.08.07
Updated: 22.12.08
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COST Action 866 - Green Care in Agriculture

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