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Working Group 2 - Economics of green care

Bjarne Olai Braastad

The main aim of this Working Group is to coordinate research and develop new research on economics and management of green care farming. This includes the cost-benefit effectiveness of green care across the economic spectrum (micro, mezzo and macro levels) within the framework of multifunctional agriculture, market based versus governmental based economics, marketability of public goods and positive agricultural externalities, as well as measurements of the positive externalities of Animal Assisted Therapy and Horticultural Therapy.

Chair: Prof. Saverio Senni, University of Tuscia, Italy
Vice-Chair: Dr. Henrik Saxe, Integrated Ecosystems Consulting, Denmark

1. Development of a methodology to determine the economic benefits of green care services for farmers, for other parts of the agricultural sector and for the health and social care sectors, and also the social returns of such services.
2. Development of systems to support green care regionally and nationally.
3. Development of a research programme – economics of green care.

Updated: 06.08.07
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COST Action 866 - Green Care in Agriculture

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