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Articles tagged with 'Cow':
(19.01.15) Tonje Marie Storlien defended her PhD thesis on December 12th 2014
(12.09.14) Mulubrhan Balehegn Gebremikael defended his PhD Thesis on September 12th 2014
(16.11.12) Steffen Adler defended his PhD thesis on November 9th 2012
(07.11.12) Katrine Haugaard defended her PhD thesis on October 26th 2012
(18.10.12) Bente Aspeholen Åby defended her PhD thesis on October 12th 2012
(26.01.12) On a mattress in an open landscape
(25.01.12) Inger Johanne Karlengen defended her PhD thesis on December 16th 2011
(07.10.11) Lars Erik Ruud defended his thesis on October 7th 2011
(16.05.11) Behaviour and welfare of calves living in large groups
(29.11.10) PhD defences in 2011
(22.11.10) Conference - Husdyrforsøksmøtet 2011
(20.08.10) Test for tenderness at the slaughterhouse
(16.06.10) Considerable seasonal variations in milk quality
(23.12.09) Anita Stevnebø defended her PhD thesis on December 18th 2009
(22.12.09) Traditional dairy cattle breeds on their way back into the barn
(17.12.09) International climate research at IHA (Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences)
(16.12.09) The greenhouse gas methane: measuring emission from cattle
(20.11.09) Fistula cows – with holes in their stomachs
(16.12.08) Studies at IHA
(03.11.07) Cows chew all day long
(24.09.07) Conservation of Ethiopian Cattle Breeds
(21.05.07) Methane Emissions from Cattle
(12.03.07) Dairy Production in Loose Housing Systems
(20.12.06) International symposium on milk quality
(27.02.06) Cows with a high genetic milk yield potential achieve highest yields with both low and high concentrate rations
(15.02.06) Comparison between two Norwegian cattle breeds only fed on roughage

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