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AESOP Head of Schools Meeting 2012

Marzena Katarzyna Siolek

In the year of AESOP’s 20th anniversary Norway will host the Head of Schools meeting from the 3rd to the 5th of May 2012. During these three days, Planning Scholars across Europe will discuss the challenges planners and planning schools face.


3rd of May
4th of May
5th of May


3rd of May
Executive Committee will meet at the 3rd of May.The meeting will be held in the premises of department for Agency for Real Estate and Urban Renewal (EBY), municipality of Oslo, located in the centre of Oslo.

How to find EBY

The meeting starts with a reception
 in the Ministry of the Environment (MD)
Foto: Plan- og Bygningsetaten

(Dept. for planning) located in the city centre, for snacks and drinks.

We kindly ask those who want to participate
to register here with their name.
This is for security reasons
as the ministry needs all names in advance
to produce entry notes.

How to find MD
Foto: Henrik Mikkelsen

4th of May
The full Head of School  will be held the 4th of May at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences at Aas (UMB), 30 km south of Oslo.

For the first session we have invited lectures to share their thoughts regarding Planning Challenges of Urban Waterfront Redevelopment.

We use the example of Oslo to address discussions of plan-led versus market-led development as well as land use conflicts and methods of overcoming them.

We seek to promote discussions that invite delegates to deliberate about how to understand and how to train future planners.

How to find UMB
Foto: Håkon Sparre

For the following sessions, AESOP has put together a comprehensive program with presentations and discussion on how to manage planning schools in times of financial constraints.

Please note: In the evening dinner will be served in the glorious premises of the more than 150 year old Economy Building at the UMB campus. In the evening a bus will take us safely back to the city centre of Oslo (Oslo Central Station/Oslo S).
Foto: Brit-Agnes Buvarp

5th of May
The meeting of Country Representatives (CoRep) will be held day two, the 5th of May.

The meeting will take place at the Agency for Planning and Building Services, in the city centre of Oslo.

How to find Agency for Planning and Building Services

For those not taking part in the CoRep-meeting there will be a mobile workshop in the Harbour of Oslo.

We start at 10:00 in the morning. The meeting point will be announced later.

After we have seen the Harbour development, we will walk to the planning department, to join the CoRep for lunch and lectures by the Planning Director and Head of Office of EBY.

For those who remain in Oslo, we invite for an nice Saturday evening in Oslo.

We recommend delegates to find a hotel in Oslo. We have negotiated reasonable prices at Comfort Hotel Børsparken and Thon Panorama Hotel.

All venues that take place in Oslo are located in walking distance from these hotels, and the hotels are also in walking distance from the Central Station
(Oslo S).
Map of all venues in Oslo 
Fjordbyen. Foto: Oslo Kommune

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