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Katrin Bentel

Ingunn Burud

I entered the Ph.D. program at UMB and the Geomatics group in fall 2009. My supervisors are Christian Gerlach, Bjørn Ragnvald Pettersen and Cecilie Rolstad.

Katrin Bentel
Katrin Bentel Foto:

For my prior education I have been studying Geomatics Engineering in Stuttgart, Germany with an exchange year in Calgary, Canada. My focus in the second part of my studies was applications in Aerospace Engineering, and after spending two terms in Calgary, I came back to Stuttgart where I had to write up my thesis. I investigated analyzing gravity data from the GRACE satellite with the method of empirical orthogonal function analysis. During my time in Canada, I came to the opinion that I want to stay in academia and pursue Ph.D. studies. And with the position here at UMB I am still working in the topic of my choice, which is investigating further in GRACE data analysis and applications to glaciological signals. Besides that, I really enjoy the great outdoors in Norway, and I think there is lots to explore and experience for me, with skiing trips in winter and hiking and mountain biking in summer.

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