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Ole Wiggo Røstad

INA invites to academic seminars and guest lectures!

Here at INA we have two different seminar series; INA seminars and PhD seminars. In addition we arrange guest lectures and similar arrangements in special topics at irregular intervals.

The aims of the seminars are to:
- incite to debate, exchange of views and academic culture
- evolve common culture and identity at INA
- be a forum for academical growth and discussion
- bring academic inspiration and impulses from the world to INA

All types of seminars and other open arrangements at INA the next five days.

INA seminars
These will make essential academic, social or ethical questions of importance for INA, the subject for discussions. Also, the INA seminars will present subject areas of current interest, or general questions about education and research for discussions. The INA seminars will normally be held every one Wednesday each month, at 12.15-13.30, usually in the auditory in Sørhellinga (U105).

PhD seminars
These are a forum for presentation of and discussions around the PhD projects currently running at the department. The PhD seminars will normally be held two Wednesdays each month, at 12.15-13.30, usually in the "styrerommet" in Sørhellinga (U257).

All of INA's seminars are open to everyone interested!

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