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Navn Richard Bischof
Enhet INA
Adresse NMBU, box 5003, 1432 Ås
Tittel Forsker
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Telefon 6496 5396

Fagområder • Matematikk og naturvitenskap
• Biofag
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u  Background:

I am a wildlife ecologist with a primary interest in applied wildlife management and monitoring. My professional background includes several years of work as a wildlife manager in North America and Pacific Oceania. Currently, I am leading a project studying carnivore guild ecology using non-invasive monitoring in Pakistan’s Karakoram Mountains, funded by the Research Council of Norway. In addition, I am participating in applied research on carnivores and ungulates in Scandinavia.

u  Scientific articles:

Bischof, R., Ali, H., Kabir, M., Hameed, S. and Nawaz, M. A. 2014. Being the underdog: an elusive small carnivore uses space with prey and time without enemies. Journal of Zoology. 293: 40–48.

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