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Articles tagged with 'Education':
(09.01.13) PhD Course in Experimental Economics
(23.06.12) REDD+; Recipe for success, challenging implementation
(09.01.12) From Uganda, via UMB to the World Bank
(10.11.11) PhD program i filosofi
(09.11.11) Philosophy
(25.01.11) After completion / career opportunities
(20.01.11) Guest lectures
(13.01.11) The handbook of study
(07.01.11) Admission requirements
(03.01.11) Got relevant job in the electricity market
(23.12.10) Studies at the School of Economics and Business
(25.10.10) Research Community
(25.10.10) PhD Courses
(09.09.10) Technology adoption, poverty, markets and policies - PhD lecture and dispuation: Million Tadesse
(27.08.10) PhD Programme
(25.06.10) PhD course: Electricity Economics
(29.04.10) Vacant positions
(15.04.10) PhD course: Topics in Applied Microeconomic Analysis
(03.09.09) Best master degree thesis 2008
(02.09.09) Guest lecture, Joel Makower
(02.02.07) Collaborative MSc program in Development and Natural Resource Economics
(02.01.07) NORAD support to a new, collaborative MSc program
(26.09.05) Study programme
(21.09.04) Farming the Sea

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