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PhD course: Topics in Applied Microeconomic Analysis

Lise Thoen

Prof. Gerald Shively will hold this PhD course at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB), Ås, 7-16 June 2010. Funds are available to support travel and accommodation for participants. There is no course fee.  

Kvinne som bærer vann.
Kvinne som bærer vann. Photo: Josie Teurlings
Topics will include risk and uncertainty; technology adoption; productive efficiency; market participation; intertemporal choice; and investment behavior under uncertainty. The examples are mainly from developing country settings, taking into account the existence of imperfect markets.    

Aim and content

This 5 ECTS-course is targeted to PhD students with background in economics and an interest in applied microeconomics, especially agricultural development. The course will cover a range of topics in applied microeconomic analysis, with an emphasis on building layers of complexity in empirical models of farm household behavior. Course material will be motivated by daily readings and examples from developing country settings. Throughout the course the applied emphasis will be on the use and analysis of household survey data.  Students will have the opportunity to replicate results from published research to gain practical insights into the research process.  The course will make extensive use of data for examples and daily group projects. Course evaluation will be based on class participation and a term paper. 

Full course description is available here

The lecturer

Gerald Shively, is an applied economist with research interests in tropical forests, agriculture, and land use change. Much of his work focuses on decision making in low-income settings, and the influence of trade and economic policy changes on land use. He works with colleagues in Purdue's Center for Global Trade Analysis to develop novel approaches to integrated assessment (IA) of climate change research, especially the development of methods to evaluate economic costs and benefits of alternative climate change scenarios. He has conducted studies to assess the carbon storage potential of tropical forest and agroforestry systems. He is the author of more than 50 peer reviewed publications and co-editor of the recent book Land Use Change in Tropical Watersheds: Evidence, Causes, and Remedies (CAB International, 2005). Jerry currently serves as Co-Editor-in-Chief for the journal Agricultural Economics and is an Associate Editor for the journal Environment and Development Economics.

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Application deadline is 7th of May 2010. There is no course fee.  Funds are available to support travel and accommodation for external participants. Applications for such support and registration can be directed to Please include a budget.

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