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Shuling Chen Lillemo

The Research School in Economics was set up in 2007 with the main goal of improving economics and management research. It is organized by the School of Economics and Business.

The aim of the research school is to integrate and consolidate the ongoing research-based education within economics and business management and to educate specialists in economics field. We want to provide brainstorming opportunities for the researchers and PhD students, and emphasize on the state-of-the-art research methods in Economics and Management. 
Another task for the research school is to strengthen the cooperation with partner institutions. We work closely with several partner institutions, such as NOVA (offers PhD courses in a wide range of topics), National Research School in Economics (PhD-courses and Workshops in Economics)  and National Research School in Business economics and Administration. Additionally, we also cooperates with some Scandinavian universities, such as  UiO, UiB, University of Gothenburg, etc. The cooperation provide a great chance for resource sharing and  network building for PhD students.
Additionally, research ethics is also an important work task. We would like to bring up the senior and young researchers together discussing issues regarding the philosophy of science, authorship rights, privacy and confidentiality, etc. 

The main activities of the  research school consists of organizing seminar series, courses and coffee hour.

The department organizes research seminars, with guest speakers, department employees   and PhD students.

PhD students at UMB are required to give 3 seminars during their PhD study period.  The Research School collaborates with the seminar committee and purposely organizes a seminar series for educating PhD students and discuss publication related topics. The seminars are usually organized on Friday mornings 0900-1000 in room T452 (breakfast will be served), and sometimes on Tuesday and Thursday lunch time(12:15).  Here is the upcoming  seminar programme.

In addition to the PhD course programme to be included in the academic training, the Research School offers/suggests some special courses, such as academic writing and presentation techniques. Here are upcoming courses:

Coffee hour
Thursday 14:15-15:00   Place: T451, the one next to lunch room

The coffee-hour is the PhD students’ informal academic and social forum. It is arranged by and for the PhD students and post docs once a week. The main purpose is to establish a communicating platform for us to share our thoughts and exchange knowledge, and is easily combined with lunch..

In the coffee hour, the programmes can be: 

To make it happen, it implies your contribution and participation. We will announce in advance if there is some special activities or particular guests are invited. To sign up for reserving discussion time and/or to bring some new ideas for coffee hour, send an e-mail to:

PhD forum

For exchanging research resources and thinking, we set up a PhD forum in class fronter. You can find UMB PPT layouts, thesis writing tips, etc…

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