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In case of accident contact: Isotope Laboratory 64 96 55 40/41/46

The Isotope laboratory was established in 1952, for the purpose of using isotopes in agricultural research. At that time isotopes were produced at the Jeep 1 reactor at Kjeller, established in 1951. Today the Isotope Laboratory is part of the Department of Plant and Environmental Science, at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

According to the 2000 Radiation Protection Law/Directive (Strålevernloven), and under the authorization of the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (Statens Strålevern, 2006-2010), the Isotope Laboratory has a co-ordinated responsibility for radiation protection in the Ås area, covering UMB, Akvaforsk, Matforsk, Bioforsk, (Jordforsk/Planteforsk) and NISK.

The Isotope Laboratory issues individual certification to persons for the use of open radiation sources, provides authorisation of C-laboratories, experiments, tracer purchases and waste disposal, and co-ordinates staff radiation protection (control of dosimeters) and laboratory control of external C-laboratories.

The Isotope Laboratory is the only authorised B-Laboratory in the Ås-area and supports users performing non-routine or specialized experiments and measurements.

Head of Radiation Protection: Professor Brit Salbu
Assistant: 1. amanuensis Lindis Skipperud

The Ministry of Education and Research is partly responsible for national nuclear preparedness, and has delegated a share of this responsibility to UMB. On behalf of UMB, the Isotope Laboratory acts as an advisor to the Emergency Management Board for Preparedness in the Event of Nuclear Accidents, with Professor Brit Salbu as board member and Professor Deborah H. Oughton as a deputy.

The gamma source is used in dose-effect studies. The first gamma source at The Agricultural University of Norway was established in 1952. The new gamma source was opened by the Minister of Environment Børge Brende in 2004.

The Isotope Laboratory provides measurements of radionuclides using spectrometry (alpha-, beta-, and gamma spectrometry) or ICP-MS. Studies using open radioactive sources can be carried out at the Isotope Laboratory, the Isotope Laboratory at the Fiskefjøset, or other authorized C-laboratories in the Ås area.

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