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International Environment and Development Studies


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Navn Pål Olav Vedeld
Enhet Noragric
Adresse NMBU, box 5003, 1432 Ås
Tittel Professor
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Telefon 67231311
Besøksadresse Tivoli, Ti 223

Fagområder • økonomi
• Statsvitenskap
Arbeidsområder • Governance
• Institusjonell teori og økonomi
• Landbruk og utvikling
• Livelihood-studier og miljø
• Naturressurser og utvikling
• Skogpolitikk
• Sosial organisering
• Tverrfaglighet
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Bakgrunn og erfaring

Cand agric (MSc) in natural resource management , AUN, 1982.
Dr. scient (PhD) in institutional, agricultural, resource and development economics, AUN, 1998

1985-1989 Researcher Noragric
1989-1999 Researcher and research fellow Dept. of Agr. Economics, UMB
1999-2001 Development worker and diplomat, Royal Norwegian Embassy India
2001- Associate Professor and Professor, Noragric, UMB
2004-2005 Counsellor, Norwegian Parliament
1989-present: Local politician, Ås Municipality

Key publications
Vedeld/Ragnar Øygard (1983): Peasant Household Resource Allocation - A Study of Labour and Markets in the Northern Province of Zambia. IDP-series No 3. Agricultural University of Norway.

Paul Vedeld (1994): Interdisciplinarity and Environment. Neoclassical Economical and Ecological Approaches to the Use of Natural Resources(1994). Ecological Economics. pp. 1-13. 10.1994.

Paul Vedeld (1997): Farmers and Fertilizers : A Study of Adaptation and Response to Price Change among Norwegian Farmers. Ph.D.thesis. 399 p. Department of Economics and Social Sciences. AUN. Norway.

Vedeld, P. and E.Krogh. (2000): Rationality in the Eye of the Actor. Economists and Natural Scientists in a Discourse over Environmental Taxes. Soil and Water Conservation Policies: Successes and Failures. Edited by Ted L. Napier, Silvana M. Napier, and Jiri Tvrdon.

Arild Vatn, Erling Krogh, Frode Gundersen and Pål Vedeld (2002): “Environmental Taxes and Politics. Disputes over Nitrogen Taxes in Agriculture”. European Environmental Journal Vol.12. pp.224-240.

Weladji, R.B., Moe, S. R. and Vedeld, P., 2003: Stakeholder attitudes towards wildlife policy and the Bénoué Wildlife Conservation Area, North Cameroon. Environmental Conservation.

Vedeld, P., A. Angelsen, Getrude Kobugabe Berg and Espen Sjaastad (2004): Counting on the Environment. Forest Incomes and the Rural Poor A study for the World Bank. Paper no.98.

Sjaastad,E. P. Vedeld, P. , A. Angelsen and J. Bojø 2005: What is environmental income? Ecological Economics.Volume 55. Issue 1. 37-46.

Vedeld, P., A. Angelsen, J. Bojø, E. Sjaastad and G.K. Kobugabe 2007: Forest Environmental Incomes and the Rural Poor. (Forest Policy and Economics. Volume 9. Issue 7.

Mamo,G., E.Sjaastad and P. Vedeld 2007: Economic Dependence on Forest Resources: A Case from Dendi District, Ethiopia Forest Policy and Economics 9 (2007) 916-927.Elsevier

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Charlotte Nakawaawa and Paul Vedeld, 2009: Changes in carbon stocks and tree diversity in agro-ecosystems in south western Uganda, Uganda. New Forests. October 2009 Springer

Diress,A. S. Mo and P.Vedeld 2010: Land-use/cover dynamics in arid and semi-arid rangelands of northern Afar, Ethiopia. Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment. 139 (2010) 174-180.

Nakakaawa,C., P, Vedeld and J.Aune 2011: Spatial and temporal land use and carbon stock changes in Uganda: implications for a future REDD strategy Mitigation and adaption to climate change Volume 16 January. 25-62.

David Tumusiime, P. Vedeld William Gombya-Ssembajjwe 2011: Breaking the law? Illegal livelihoods from a Protected Area in Uganda. Forest Policy and Economics 13 (2011) 273–283. Elsevier.

J.G. Petursson, P. Vedeld and J.Kabogozza 2011: “Transboundary biodiversity management. Institutions, local stakeholders and protected areas. A case study from Mt Elgon, Uganda and Kenya Pp. 1304-1321. Volume 24, Issue 12, 2011 Journal of Society and Natural Resources

Kjosavik.D. and P.Vedeld 2011 The Political Economy of Environment and Development in a Globalized World. Exploring the Frontiers. Essays in honour of Nadarajah Shanmugaratnam. Tapir Academic Press.

David Tumusiiwe and P. Vedeld 2012: Revenue sharing in Tourism- a case from a gorilla park, Uganda Outreach Bwindi National Park, Uganda Conservation & Society Volume 10 Issue 1, 2012,

Gladman Thondhlana, Pål Vedeld & Sheona Shackleton 2012 Natural resource use, income and dependence among San and Mier communities ,Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, southern Kalahari, South Africa. International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology 19:5, 460-470

Vedeld,P. A. Jumane, G. Wapalila and A. Songorwa, 2012. Protected areas, poverty traps and conflicts - Livelihood case from Mikumi National Park, Tanzania. Forest Policy and Econ..Vol. 21.2012: 20-31. Elsevier

Vatn, A. and P. Vedeld. 2012. Fit, Interplay, and Scale: A Diagnosis. Ecology and Society 17 (4): 12.
Bwalya Uma, Bridget and Paul Vedeld 2012: Joint Forest Management in Katanino, Zambia: Inappropriate Property Regime Change? The Open Forest Science Journal, 2012, 5, 42-52 1874-3986/12 2012 Bentham Open.

Vatn, A. and P. Vedeld 2012: National governance structures for REDD+ Global Environmental Change 23 (2013)

Jón Geir Pétursson, Paul Vedeld, Marieke Sassen. 2013 Deforestation processes in protected areas: the case of Mt Elgon, Uganda and Kenya. (Forest Policy and Economics. Volume 26, January 2013, Pages 22–33).

Diress,A. S. Mo and P.Vedeld 2013: Livelihoods in arid and semi-arid rangelands of northern Afar, Ethiopia. Journal of Arid Environments 91 2013 138-146. Elsevier.


Department of International Environment and Development Studies

- Noragric

: +47 64 96 52 00
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Noragric, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
P.O. Box 5003
NO-1432 Aas

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