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International Environment and Development Studies


Article by Ruth Haug in Bistandsaktuelt

Evy Jørgensen

Verdensbanken, Solheim og Soria Moria (The World Bank, Minister E. Solheim and "Soria Moria" declaration). To follow up the so-called "Soria Moria declaration" on international policy of poverty alleviation, the Government and Minister Erik Solheim are expected to start a comprehensive and systematic evaluation of pros and cons of the policies of The World Bank and UN as the main actors for operationalising poverty alleviation.

(The new government formed by the Labour Party, the Socialist Left and the Centre Party signed and released an agreement outlining its commitments for the next four years, known as the "Soria Moria declaration," named after the Oslo hotel where the parties negotiated the various planks of a common platform in late September 2005 - EJ)

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