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International Environment and Development Studies


Our guests: Mr. Andrew L. Athiba and Dr. Osman Roman T. Kiri from Juba University, the Southern Sudan


Mr. Andrew L. Athiba got his Masters Degree (MSC) from Noragric in 1988. He was actually the first batch of Noragric, and now he is back to put some flesh in his literature review for his PhD dissertation on Impact of Conflict of Natural Resources in the Equatoria State of the Southern Sudan.

Mr. Andrew L. Athiba
Mr. Andrew L. Athiba Photo: Evy Jørgensen
Andrew L. Athiba is born in Juba, the Southern Sudan, and educated for the basic degree in the Faculty of Agriculture Egypt in early eighties, with major in Forestry and Timber Trees.

After completion of the Studies, Mr. Athiba went back to Sudan and joined Norwegian Church Aid/Sudan Programme (NCA/SP) in Torit on the 24th August 1984 and worked as Extension and Training Officer. After then he was transferred to Kapoeta as Farm Manager of Kapoeta Rural Development (RDC) until the war broke out in June 1986, where they ran to Torit, then to Juba. While in Juba he was the appointed as the Agricultural Officer and then made as the Training Officer for the whole of the NCA/ SP in Juba, until when the fighting intensified in Juba and the program closed down.

In nineties, he went to Khartoum and worked with CARE International Sudan Programme, then he was asked to go and teach Ecology, Sudanese Environmental Problems and the Environmental Resources Policies and Laws and Agro forestry.  In the first place he objected the post, because the remunerations was not much, but then the Dean of the College of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies (CNRES) of the University of Juba, late John Lado Kuran told him it is not the money which is important, “but this is nation building”.

Because of the idea of nation building he came to instruct in the University till today. Mr. Athiba has been instrumental in the establishment of the Diploma programme in the University of Juba, which is currently training the mature students for three years Diploma programme in Juba and Khartoum as well.

Mr. Athiba is also a founder of the Bishop Ngalamu Theological College, which is currently operating in Mundri Southern Sudan, with a student’s capacity of 20 in the first year and 15 in second years. This college has contributed much to produce priests to the Episcopal Church of the Sudan (ECS) in the Southern Sudan in particular and the Sudan at large.

Mr. Athiba is married with children who are now all schooling in Khartoum Sudan. He is a very cooperative and sociable man, he is ready to share ideas with any one should you have one. If you meet him you will like him.

Dr. Osman R.T. Kiri, Assistant Professor in the College of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies at the University of Juba is here in Norway for a visit to the Noragric/University of Life Sceinces for upgrading his teaching and research.

Dr. Osman R.T. Kiri (left) and Mr. A. L. Athiba
Dr. Osman R.T. Kiri (left) and Mr. A. L. Athiba Photo: Evy Jørgensen

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Published: 27.01.10
Updated: 29.01.10
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