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GEO310 Paleoenvironment and Climate Change
Course responsible Mona Henriksen IPM
Number of credits allocated 10.0
Language English if required
Limits for class size Minimum 5.
August block Autumn parallel January block Spring parallel June block
Colour explanation: Red/yellow = teaching periods. The red period indicates when the teaching starts.
Teachers Mona Henriksen.
Type of course Seminars and lectures: 24 hours
Compulsory educational activities -
Reduction of credits for overlapping courses -
Prerequisites GEO100 and GEO210, or equivalent courses.
Recommended prerequisites
Exam L
Assessment methods Submitted papers: 50%. Final exam: 50%. Both parts must be passed.
Grading A-F
Examination aids A2: not calculator, certain aids.
Nominal workload 300 hours
Course frequency Odd years
Comment on frequency Every odd year
Teaching methods Lectures, seminars, group work, submitted papers.
Teaching support -
Examiner An examiner according to UMB regulations.
Entrance requirements Special requirements in Science
Preferential right -
Objective of course  

The student will obtain an understanding of the natural changes in the Earth"s physical and biological environments in the recent geological past.

Course contents  
The course addresses the dramatic natural changes in the Earth"s physical and biological environments on geological time scales. There will be a focus on the development of both low and high latitude environments. The students will learn about the forcing mechanisms and feedbacks controlling long-term climatic change, the effect of climate change on the physical and biological environments, and gain an understanding for the environments" sensitivity to future changes. The course comprises lectures as well as seminars on up-to-date research papers addressing these topics.
Textbook (T.M. Cronin 2010: Paleoclimates) and scientific papers.
Last updated 2013-04-08