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LAA321 Restoration, Conservation and Development - Garden/Park or Cultural Landscape
Course responsible Annegreth Dietze-Schirdewahn ILP
Number of credits allocated 10.0
Limits for class size 15
August block Autumn parallel January block Spring parallel June block
Colour explanation: Red/yellow = teaching periods. The red period indicates when the teaching starts.
Type of course Lectures: 20 hours, Fieldwork 40 hours, Seminar: 10 hours, Exercises 30 hours
Compulsory educational activities
Reduction of credits for overlapping courses -
Prerequisites LAA211 or equivalent
Recommended prerequisites
Exam O
Assessment methods -
Grading A-F
Nominal workload 300 hours
Course frequency Odd years
Comment on frequency
Teaching methods The course is based on a combination of lectures, excursions and group work, and consists of a theoretical part and a studio part.
Teaching support -
Examiner The assignment will be evaluated by an external cencor
Entrance requirements Minimum requirements for entrance to higher education in Norway (generell studiekompetanse)
Preferential right M-LA
Objective of course  

The aim is to give the students knowledge of central topics in relation to investigation, conservation, restoration and management of historical gardens and landscapes, including the challenges in today"s cultural heritage management for both private and public sector. When the course is finished, the students should be able to recognize and investigate an historical garden or garden element, and present an analysis of this according to historical sources and layers.

Course contents  
The cultural landscape Austrått at Ørland will be used as case. The landscape close to Austråttborgen (a small castle from the 17th century) is related to the experience of natural and cultural values. This involves knowledge about the different qualities to manage such a complex landscape. Students will choose a task related to different problems in: conservation/restoration and management of historic gardens and landscapes, management of cultural landscapes and communication of values as a combined natural and cultural experience. Austrått has considerable potential as an attraction for culture-based tourism. The relationship between such district-oriented economic development and the cultural-historical heritage management considerations of the historical values will also be a central theme of the course.
The course is based on a combination of lectures, excursions and group work, and consists of a theoretical part and a studio part. The emphasis is put on investigation of gardens and cultural landscape and interpretation of the historical traces and remains. The participants will get an overview of the tools used to analyse the traces in the landscape. Conventions and regulations, ICOMOS Florence-charter. The relation between cultural and natural heritage management. In addition, the course explains the procedures for treatment of an historical garden in the planning process. Conservation and restoration plans, methodology, development of main concept, analysis of the existing situation, discussion of historical relations, and management plans.
Travel and accommodation (except food and other expenses) at Ørland for max. 4 days covered.
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