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Norskspråklig liste over emner

Course code Dep. Course title Language Course responsible
AOS233 HH Strategic Processes and Decision-Making English Carl Brønn
AOS332 HH Strategy Dynamics English Carl Brønn
APL405 ILP Framing the PhD Erling Berge
APL406 ILP Academic Writing Inger-Lise Saglie
APL415 ILP Theory of Science in Spatial Planning, Landscape Architecture and Land Management English Petter Næss
AQB200 IHA General Breeding English Hans Magnus Gjøen
AQB270 IHA Aquaculture Breeding and Genetics English Bjarne Gjerde
AQF200 IMT Primary production -Aquaculture and Fisheries English Odd Ivar Lekang
AQF210 IMT Aquatic Food Processing and Technology English Odd Ivar Lekang
AQF220 IMT Safety and Human Health Effects of Aquatic Food English Odd Ivar Lekang
AQF230 IMT Aquatic Food Supply Chain Management, Environment and Resources English Odd Ivar Lekang
AQN251 IHA General Aquaculture - Nutrition English Trond Storebakken
AQN350 IHA Aquaculture Nutrition English Trond Storebakken
AQP211 IMT Production Technique in Aquaculture English Odd Ivar Lekang
AQP350 IMT Planning and Design of Intensive Fish Farms English Bjørn Frode Eriksen
AQQ253 IHA Product Quality in Aquaculture English Magny S. Thomassen
AQT250 IMT Laboratory Course in International Aquaculture English Bjørn Frode Eriksen
AQT254 IMT Basic Aquaculture Engineering English Bjørn Frode Eriksen
AQX251 IHA General Aquaculature - Animal Welfare and Health in Farmed Fish English Hans Magnus Gjøen
AQX350 IHA Aquaculture, Special Course English Kjell-Arne Rørvik
BIN300 IHA Statistical Genomics English Theo Meuwissen
BIN310 IKBM Models and Algorithms in Bioinformatics Torgeir R Hvidsten
BIN350 IHA Genome Analysis, Methodology Dag Inge Våge
BIO220 IPM Eucaryot Molecular Biology Hilde-Gunn Opsahl Hoen-Sorteberg
BIO223 IPM Population Genetics and Molecular Ecology Odd Arne Rognli
BIO244 IPM Plant Biotechnology: Cell- and Tissue Culture and Genetic Modifications Trine Hvoslef-Eide
BIO246 IPM Thematic Essay in Plant Biotechnology/Plant Breeding Trine Hvoslef-Eide
BIO300 IPM Microscopy Techniques Elin Ørmen
BIO301 IKBM Advanced Cell Biology Tor Erling Lea
BIO320 IPM Development Biology Hilde-Gunn Opsahl Hoen-Sorteberg
BIO321 IPM Population Genetics and Molecular Evolution English Odd Arne Rognli
BIO322 IHA Molecular Genomics Dag Inge Våge
BIO323 IPM Evolution in Host-Pathogen Systems; Plant Breeding for Resistance English Åsmund Bjørnstad
BIO324 IPM Adaptation of Plants to Climate Åshild Ergon
BIO330 IKBM Environmental Microbiology Åsa Helena Frostegård
BIO332 IKBM Experimental Molecular Microbiology Åsa Helena Frostegård
BIO333 IKBM Mycology Linda Hjeljord
BIO350 IPM In Situ RNA Hybridisation Techniques Trine Hvoslef-Eide
BIO351 IPM Geneticallly Modified Plants - Case Study Trine Hvoslef-Eide
BIO420 IPM Advanced Developmental Biology Hilde-Gunn Opsahl Hoen-Sorteberg
BIO421 IPM Population Genetics and Molecular Evolution English Odd Arne Rognli
BIO422 IPM Nordic Postgraduate Course in Plant Breeding English Åsmund Bjørnstad
BOT200 IPM Plant Physiology Jorunn Elisa Olsen
BOT201 IPM Physiology of Plant Production Marina Azzaroli Bleken
BOT230 INA Plant Ecology and Diversity Mikael Ohlson
BOT240 INA Plant Ecophysiology Knut Asbjørn Solhaug
BOT320 IPM Advanced Course in Plant Developmental Physiology English Christiaan van der Schoot
BOT340 INA Photobiology Knut Asbjørn Solhaug
BUS305 HH Strategy Analysis and Strategy Development English Silja Korhonen-Sande
BUS311 HH Environmental Accounting and Management Ståle Navrud
BUS320 HH Empirical Analyses of Financial and Commodity Markets II Ole Gjølberg
ECN150 HH Introduction to Development Economics English Mette Wik
ECN201 HH Econometrics English Kyrre Rickertsen
ECN230 HH International Economics English Roberto J. Garcia
ECN270 HH Natural Resource Economics English Arild Angelsen
ECN271 HH Cost Benefit Project Evaluation and Environmental Valuation Ståle Navrud
ECN301 HH Econometric Methods English Olvar Bergland
ECN302 HH Mathematics for Economists English Kyrre Rickertsen
ECN303 HH Impact Assessment Methods English Stein Terje Holden
ECN304 HH Behavioral and Experimental Economics English Stein Terje Holden
ECN305 HH Research Methods in Economics English Arild Angelsen
ECN311 HH Microeconomics III English Kyrre Rickertsen
ECN312 HH Industrial Organisation English Olvar Bergland
ECN320 HH Macroeconomics III English Joachim Thøgersen
ECN330 HH Economic Integration and Trade Liberalization English Roberto J. Garcia
ECN331 HH International Economics and Finance English Roberto J. Garcia
ECN350 HH Development and Natural Resource Economics English Stein Terje Holden
ECN352 HH Poverty English Arild Angelsen
ECN353 HH Development Economics, Micro English Mette Wik
ECN354 HH Issues in Development Economics; Poverty Analysis English Arild Angelsen
ECN355 HH Research in Development Economics II English Ragnar A. Øygard
ECN356 HH Issues in development economics: Institutions English Arild Angelsen
ECN358 HH Issues in Development Economics English Arild Angelsen
ECN371 HH Environmental Economics Eirik Romstad
ECN372 HH Climate Economics Knut Einar Rosendahl
ECN380 HH Energy Markets and Regulation English Olvar Bergland
ECN404 HH Experiments in economics, with applications in development and environmental research English Arild Angelsen
ECN416 HH Analysis of Commodity Markets English Olvar Bergland
ECN450 HH Development Economics: Methods and Policy Analysis English Stein Terje Holden
ECN452 HH Topics in Development Economics I English Arild Angelsen
ECN454 HH Topics in Development Economics II Ragnar A. Øygard
ECOL110 INA Tropical Ecology and Biology English Fred Midtgaard
ECOL200 INA General Ecology Mikael Ohlson
ECOL201 INA Ecology Essay Mikael Ohlson
ECOL210 INA Ecology and Natural Resource Management in the Tropics English Fred Midtgaard
ECOL300 INA Methods in Natural Sciences English Jon Swenson
ECOL310 INA Global Change Ecology English Mikael Ohlson
ECOL320 INA Tropical Field Ecology English Fred Midtgaard
ECOL330 INA Tropical Rainforest Ecology and Conservation English Torbjørn Haugaasen
ECOL350 INA Restoration Ecology English Torbjørn Haugaasen
ECOL380 INA The Ecology and Management of Rivers and Lakes English Thrond Haugen
EDS101 NO Introduction to Environment, Development and Globalization Sunetro Ghosal
EDS102 NO Introduction to Development Thinking English William Derman
EDS104 NO Environmental and Sustainability Science Ian Bryceson
EDS106 NO Development Seminar Sunetro Ghosal
EDS111 NO Social Anthropology William Derman
EDS115 NO Introduction to Research Methods Ian Bryceson
EDS120 NO Sociology Esben Leifsen
EDS130 NO Introduction to Political Ecology Tor Benjaminsen
EDS140 NO Economics for Environment and Development Kassim Athumani Kulindwa
EDS170 NO Introduction to Gender and Development Ingrid Nyborg
EDS190 NO Indigenous Rights and Politics Kjersti Thorkildsen
EDS201 NO Introduction to Development Studies English Espen Olav Sjaastad
EDS202 NO Introduction to Environmental Studies English Jens Bernt Aune
EDS203 NO Introduction to International Relations English Stig Jarle Hansen
EDS210 NO Environment, Development and Climate Change in Tanzania Ian Bryceson
EDS215 NO Sustainable Agriculture and the Environment Kjell Bjørgen Esser
EDS220 IKBM Statistical Analysis English Ellen Sandberg
EDS225 NO Linking Ecological and Social Resilience Ian Bryceson
EDS230 NO Development Politics English Esben Leifsen
EDS234 NO Environmental Economics - the Role of Institutions English Arild Vatn
EDS245 NO Human Rights and Development William Derman
EDS250 NO Agriculture and Development English Trygve Berg
EDS255 NO Health, Environment and Development English John Andrew McNeish
EDS260 NO Global Environmental Changes English Bishal K. Sitaula
EDS265 NO Anthropology of Development Esben Leifsen
EDS270 NO Development Aid and Politics Knut G. Nustad
EDS272 NO Development Challenges in Rural India - Field Course Sunetro Ghosal
EDS275 NO Writing Seminar English William Warner
EDS280 NO Land Rights: An Introduction to Theory, Applications, and Policy Espen Olav Sjaastad
EDS290 NO Development Classics Darley Jose Kjosavik
EDS303 NO Introduction to International Environmental Studies English John Andrew McNeish
EDS304 NO Political Economy - Institutions and the Environment English Arild Vatn
EDS305 NO Development Theory and Policy English Ingrid Nyborg
EDS312 NO Research Methods Stig Jarle Hansen
EDS315 NO Management of Genetic Resources: Law and Policy English Trygve Berg
EDS330 NO Political Ecology English Tor Benjaminsen
EDS335 NO Advanced Readings in Development Studies English Tor Benjaminsen
EDS346 NO The Politics and Governance of the Environment English John Andrew McNeish
EDS347 NO International Environmental Governance English Kassim Athumani Kulindwa
EDS350 NO Ecology and Society English Peter Gufu Oba
EDS355 NO Climate Change and Development English Jens Bernt Aune
EDS360 NO Conflict and Development English Espen Olav Sjaastad
EDS365 NO Coastal, Marine and Aquatic Resources English Ian Bryceson
EDS370 NO Gender and Development English Ingrid Nyborg
EDS371 NO Introduction to Intelligence Studies and International Relations Shai André Divon
EDS372 NO Current Topics in Security Studies English Stig Jarle Hansen
EDS373 NO Piracy and International Relations Stig Jarle Hansen
EDS374 NO International Relations Theory Benjamin de Carvalho
EDS375 NO Advanced Readings in International Relations English Benjamin de Carvalho
EDS376 NO Religion, Politics and Islam English Stig Jarle Hansen
EDS377 NO Foreign Policy English Benjamin de Carvalho
EDS378 NO Afghanistan/Pakistan, State Building and Conflict Gry Synnevåg
EDS379 NO Global Political Economy Simon Pahle
EDS380 NO International Organizations English Benjamin de Carvalho
EDS381 NO Sovereignty and the State in International Relations English Benjamin de Carvalho
EDS382 NO The Politics and Security of the EU English Benjamin de Carvalho
EDS384 NO Development and Environment in Practice, Tanzania English Kassim Athumani Kulindwa
EDS387 NO State and Civil Society in Development and Environmental Governance in India English Darley Jose Kjosavik
EDS410 NO Doctoral Course in Environment and Development Studies English Randi Kaarhus
EDS415 NO Research Methodology in Development Studies English Randi Kaarhus
EDS422 NO Thor Heyerdahl Summer School in Environmental Governance: The Green Economy English Arild Vatn
EIE305 ILP Individual Specialisation (literature study) in Land Consolidation and Related Subjects Erling Berge
FMI309 IPM Environmental Pollutants and Ecotoxicology English Hans-Christian Teien
FMI310 IPM Environmental Pollutants and Ecotoxicology English Hans-Christian Teien
FMI312 IPM Environmental Exposures and Human Health Yngvar Thomassen
FYS271 IMT Energy Physics and Energy Conversion English Jorge Mario Marchetti
FYS373 IMT Chemical and Biochemical Energy Conversion English Jorge Mario Marchetti
FYS381 IMT Biological Physics Gaute Einevoll
FYS385 IMT Project in Biological Physics Gaute Einevoll
FYS386 IMT Mathematical Neuroscience Gaute Einevoll
FYS401 IMT Light and Biological Material English Achim Kohler
GEN220 INA Genetic Basis of Biodiversity English Manfred Joachim Heun
GEN320 INA Molecular Markers for Plant Genomics English Manfred Joachim Heun
GEO220 IPM Hydrogeology Helen Kristine French
GEO221 IPM Hydrogoelogy - Field Course Helen Kristine French
GEO222 IPM Geology Project Mona Henriksen
GEO300 IPM Avanced Hydrogeology Helen Kristine French
GEO310 IPM Paleoenvironment and Climate Change Mona Henriksen
GEO311 IPM Geological Excursion Mona Henriksen
GMBB201 IMT Image Processing in Geomatics Øystein Dick
GMGD210 IMT Geodetic Measurements English Ola Øvstedal
GMGD300 IMT Geodesy Graduate Course Bjørn Ragnvald Pettersen
GMGI300 IMT Geographical Database Systems Håvard Tveite
GMGM399 IMT Geomatics, Project Work Håvard Tveite
GMSG200 IMT Satellite Geodesy Bjørn Ragnvald Pettersen
GMSK300 IMT Satellite Mapping Øystein Dick
HET301 IHA The Biology of Animal Stress and Its Implications for Animal Welfare Bjarne Olai Braastad
HET401 IHA Individual PhD Course in Ethology Bjarne Olai Braastad
HFA300 IHA Animal Breeding Plans Tormod Ådnøy
HFA301 IHA Calculation of Breeding Values Tormod Ådnøy
HFA304 IHA Theory and Application of Inbreeding Management English John Arthur Woolliams
HFA400 IHA Quantitative Genetics Hans Magnus Gjøen
HFA401 IHA Biometrical Methods in Animal Breeding Tormod Ådnøy
HFA404 IHA Statistical Problems in Quantitative Genetics and Animal Breeding English Daniel Gianola
HFE200 IHA General Animal- and Fish Nutrition English Birger Svihus
HFE303 IHA Nutrition and Optimisation of Diets for Monogastric Animals Nils Petter Kjos
HFE305 IHA Feed Manufacturing Technology English Birger Svihus
HFE306 IHA Advanced Feed Manufacturing Technology English Olav Fjeld Kraugerud
HFE307 IHA Feed Production Planning and Management English Trond Storebakken
HFE308 IHA Optimalization of Feed Processing for Different Animal Species English Trond Storebakken
HFE309 IHA Quantitative Nutrition to Prevent Nutrition-Related Diseases Birger Svihus
HFE400 IHA Lipid Metabolism Bente Ruyter
HFX206 IHA Product Quality, Meat and Fish Magny S. Thomassen
HFX207 IHA Introduction to Animal Production and Fish Farming in Developing Countries English Lars Olav Eik
HFX212 IHA Integrated farming systems and value-chains for small-holder farmers in Tanzania English Lars Olav Eik
HFX300 IHA Experimental Design and Analysis in Animal Science and Aquacualture English Theo Meuwissen
HFX310 IHA Product Quality, Meat, Milk and Eggs Magny S. Thomassen
HFX400 IHA PhD Course in Nutritional Biochemistry and Physiology Anna Haug
INF200 IMT Advanced Programming Hans Ekkehard Plesser
INN410 HH Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation English Anders Lunnan
JORD201 IPM Process Modelling in Soil Water and Plant Systems Jan Mulder
JORD221 IPM Soil Physics, Laboratory Course Trond Børresen
JORD251 IPM Soil Classification Line Tau Strand
JORD260 IPM Tropical Soils, Their Properties and Management English Bal Ram Singh
JORD310 IPM Global and Local Pollution Jan Mulder
JORD315 IPM Biogeochemistry, Global Change Lars Bakken
KJB310 IKBM Protein Chemistry Vincent Eijsink
KJB320 IKBM Proteomics I Vincent Eijsink
KJB420 IKBM Proteomics II Vincent Eijsink
KJM310 IKBM Chromatography Dag Ekeberg
KJM311 IKBM Organic Spectroscopy Yngve H. Stenstrøm
KJM312 IKBM Natural Product Chemistry Trond Vidar Hansen
KJM313 IKBM Mass Spectrometry Dag Ekeberg
KJM314 IKBM Applied Organic Analytical Chemistry Roland Kallenborn
KJM350 IPM Radiation and Radiochemistry Lindis Skipperud
KJM351 IPM Experimental Radioecology English Ole Christian Lind
KJM352 IPM Radiation and Radiochemistry Lindis Skipperud
KJM353 IPM Radioecology English Ole Christian Lind
KJM360 IPM Assessing Risk to Man and Environment English Deborah H Oughton
KJM410 IKBM Organic Mass Spectrometry (MS) Dag Ekeberg
LAD202 ILP 3D Computer Modelling for Landscape Architecture English Ramzi Hassan
LAD302 ILP Advanced 3D Tools for Design and Planning English Ramzi Hassan
LAFT300 ILP Site Response and Idea Generation Roddy Bell
LAØ370 ILP Landscape Ecology English Wenche Elisabet Dramstad
LNG150 NO Swahili Intensive Course English Grete Benjaminsen
LNG240 NO Academic Writing English William Warner
LAA211 ILP The History and Theory of Landscape Architecture Karsten Jørgensen
LAA321 ILP Restoration, Conservation and Development - Garden/Park or Cultural Landscape Annegreth Dietze-Schirdewahn
LAA340 ILP Sustainable Design and Management of Blue/Green Environmental Anne-Karine Halvorsen Thorén
LAA345 ILP Specialization Module, in Continuation of LAA 340 or LAA 341 Ola Bettum
MAST300 ILP Planning the Master Thesis Erling Berge
MATH250 IMT Partial Differential Equations and Models John Andreas Wyller
MATH270 IMT Complex Analysis and Transformation Methods Arkadi Ponossov
MATH280 IMT Applied Linear Algebra Ulf Geir Indahl
MATH290 IMT Real Analysis Bjørn Fredrik Nielsen
MATH310 IMT Continuous Dynamical Systems Bjørn Fredrik Nielsen
MATH401 IMT Modern Applied Mathematics Bjørn Fredrik Nielsen
MINA310 IPM Project Management and Research Methods English Lindis Skipperud
MINA410 IPM Environmental Radiobiology English Deborah H Oughton
MVI240 IKBM Sensory Science Margrethe Hersleth
MVI261 IKBM Heat Engineering I English Reidar B. Schuller
MVI270 IKBM Unprocessed Milk Gerd Elisabeth Vegarud
MVI271 IKBM Fish and Meat as Raw Materials English Bjørg Egelandsdal
MVI291 IKBM Diet and Health Rita Nilsen
MVI292 IKBM The immune system, food and health Tor Erling Lea
MVI310 IKBM Proteins, Polysaccharides and Fat/Oils: Structure and Functionality Gerd Elisabeth Vegarud
MVI321 IKBM Fermentation Microbiology Hilde Marit Østlie
MVI322 IKBM Pathogenic Microorganisms Helge Holo
MVI340 IKBM Sensory and Consumer Science Valérie Lengard Almli
MVI361 IKBM Unit Operations and Measurement Methods Reidar B. Schuller
MVI382A IKBM Alcoholic Beverages Trude Wicklund
MVI382B IKBM Cereal Technology Trude Wicklund
MVI383A IKBM Dairy Technology Judith Narvhus
MVI383B IKBM Fresh Fermented Dairy Products Judith Narvhus
MVI383C IKBM Cheese Technology Siv Borghild Skeie
MVI384 IKBM Functional Foods: Bioactive Components in Foods English Judith Narvhus
MVI385 IKBM Product Development Elling-Olav Rukke
MVI390 IKBM Immunology, Food Allergy and Intolerance. Tor Erling Lea
MVI390B IKBM Immunological techniques Tor Erling Lea
MVI391 IKBM Diet and Health Kari Almendingen
MVI392 IKBM Gastrointestinal Anatomy and Physiology Morten Jacobsen
MVI480 IKBM Food Process Technology Reidar B. Schuller
MVI481 IKBM Fresh Meat Science and Technology Bjørg Egelandsdal
MVI482 IKBM Processed Meat Technology: Dry-Cured Products Bjørg Egelandsdal
MVI483 IKBM Dairy Technology Siv Borghild Skeie
MVI484 IKBM From Milk to Cheese English Siv Borghild Skeie
NATF210 INA Environmental Monitoring Svein Solberg
NATF300 INA Conservation Biology English Jon Swenson
NATF320 INA Ecology and Management of Natural Resources in the Tropics English Stein Ragnar Moe
NATF350 INA Human Wildlife Interactions English Stein Ragnar Moe
PAE301 IPM Ecology of Farming and Food Systems English Geir Lieblein
PAE302 IPM Agroecology: Action Learning in Farming and Food Systems English Geir Lieblein
PHI302 HH Causation in Science English Rani Lill Anjum
PHI401 HH Research Ethics and Philosophy of Science I English Anita Leirfall
PHI402 HH Research Ethics and Philosophy of Science II English Anita Leirfall
PJH212 IPM Cropping Systems of Grain Crops and Grasslands Anne Kjersti Uhlen
PJH250 IPM Production in Greenhouses Sissel Torre
PJH251 IPM Bedding Plant Production of Flowers and Vegetables in Greenhouses Trine Hvoslef-Eide
PJH300 IPM Sustainable Production Systems Bal Ram Singh
PJH340 IPM Quality in Food Plants Anne-Berit Wold
PJH350 IPM Applied Plant Physiology in Greenhouses Sissel Torre
PJH360 IPM Term paper in Plant Production Sissel Torre
PLV320 IPM Plant Pathology in a Changing World English Anne Marte Tronsmo
PLV321 IPM Plant Pathology English Anne Marte Tronsmo
PLV330 IPM Insect-Plant Relationsships Richard Meadow
PLV340 IPM Weed Biology and Weed-Crop Relationships Lars Olav Brandsæter
PLV420 IPM NOVA PhD-Course in Plant Pathology English Anne Marte Tronsmo
PPDA400 IMT Discourse analysis of school subjects\' practices Erik Knain
PPDA400A IMT Discourse Analysis of School Subjects Practices Erik Knain
PPDA400B IMT Discourse Analysis of School Subjects Practices Erik Knain
PPUT301 IMT Science and Technology in School and Society - LUN Erik Knain
REIS300 INA Nature-Based Tourism Jan Vidar Haukeland
SKOG310 INA Nordic Forestry and Forest Research English Ole Hofstad
STAT200 IKBM Regression Analysis English Ellen Sandberg
STAT210 IKBM Design of Experiments and Analysis of Variance English Thore Egeland
STAT300 IKBM Statistical Data Analysis English Trygve Almøy
STAT310 IKBM Design of Experiments and Analysis of Variance II English Thore Egeland
STAT330 IKBM Analysis of Categorical Data Ellen Sandberg
STAT360 IKBM Theoretical Statistics Ellen Sandberg
STIN300 IKBM Statistical Programming in R Lars-Gustav Snipen
TAT211 IMT Production Technique in Aquaculture English Odd Ivar Lekang
TAT230 IMT Design of Equipment for Norwegian Aquaculture Facilities Odd Ivar Lekang
TAT254 IMT Basic Aquaculture Engineering English Odd Ivar Lekang
TAT350 IMT Planning and Design of Intensive Fish Farms English Bjørn Frode Eriksen
TBM250 IMT The Finite Element Method Tor Anders Nygaard
THT280 IMT On-Site Wastewater Treatment - Planning, Design and Impact Assesment Arve Heistad
THT281 IPM Design of Decentralized and Small Scale Water and Sanitary Systems English Petter D. Jenssen
THT282 IPM Introduction to Sustainable Water and Sanitation English Petter D. Jenssen
THT283 IPM Sustainable Sanitation - Decentralized, Natural and Ecological Wastewater Treatment English Petter D. Jenssen
THT299 IMT Environmental Engineering, Project Work John Morken
THT310 IMT Applied Water and Wastewater Treatment Harsha Chandima Ratnaweera
THT311 IMT Water Resources Management and Treatment Technologies English Harsha Chandima Ratnaweera
TMP261 IMT Heat and Flow Simulation English Odd Ivar Lekang
TMP299 IMT Design, Project Work Johan Andersen
TMP399 IMT Project Work Odd Ivar Lekang
VANN200 IPM Hydrology Nils-Otto Kitterød
VANN300 IPM Water Pollution I Gunnhild Riise
ZOOL300 INA Ecological Entomology Tone Birkemoe
ZOOL310 INA Behavioural and Population Ecology Geir Andreas Sonerud