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LIDAR-based sampling procedures for regional forest biomass and carbon estimation


Research Team 1

Main objective
The main objective is to explore relationships between data extracted from airborne LiDAR, and biomass/carbon stocks and processes associated with carbon sequestration of boreal and temperate forest ecosystems. Further, to assess forest resources and carbon stocks using LiDAR and statistically rigorous sampling techniques

The team
• Principal investigator at UMN: Prof Paul Bolstad
• Principal investigator at UMB: Prof Erik Næsset
• Other team members USA: Dr Ron McRoberts (US Forest Service and UMN)
• Other team members Norway: Dr Terje Gobakken, Prof. Mikael Ohlson, Dr Ole Martin Bollandsås (PostDoc), Dr Johannes Breidenbach (PostDoc), Terje Kristensen (PhD), Hans Ole Ørka (PhD), Liviu Ene (PhD), Vegard Lien (MSc), Marius Hauglin (PhD), Nadja Thieme (PhD), John W. Dirksen (PhD).

Research projects
Funding from Norway:
• The Research Council of Norway award “Assessing wood properties of forest resources by airborne LIDAR” 2007-2009, including two PhD stipends
• Two PhD stipends awarded by UMB

Funding from USA:
• $44,000 from IREE initiative, 2004-2006
• Funding from USA: $268,000 DOE project, 2005-2007

Industry partners
• In USA: none
• In Norway: none

Researcher exchange, incl. PostDoc and PhD
• From Norway to USA: Terje Kristensen (PhD) Three years stay at UMN (2008-2011)
• From USA to Norway: Bruce Cook, one week in 2004 plus one week with Prof. Næsset to visit Næsset’s LIDAR partners in the US (Virginia Tech and NASA). Prof. Paul Bolstad to UMB one week in August, 2006

Student exchange (MSc)
• From Norway to USA: none
• From USA to Norway: MSc Ryan Anderson, two weeks in August, 2006; another Master student from UMN has been mentioned, but nothing agreed

Scientific papers
• Two currently in preparation as part of Ryan Anderson’s MSc Thesis
• One paper in preparation by Prof. Bolstad
• Two peer-reviewed scientific articles by Ron McRoberts and Erik Næsset (and some other international scientists)

•One peer-reviewed scientific article by Cook, Bolstad and Næsset

•Five peer-reviewed scientific articles by Næsset and Gobakken in collaboration with NASA and Yale (three published, two in press)



Published: 10.04.08
Updated: 29.10.10
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Cooperation UMN-NMBU

Cooperation between University of Minnesota (UMN) and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). Contact persons:

Claudia Schmidt-Dannert

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College of Biological Sciences, St. Paul, UMN

Office Phone: 612/625-5782

Ragnhild Solheim

Research Director, UMB

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