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Mycotoxin prevention in cereal crops by enhanced host plant resistance


Research Team 6

Main objective
Mycotoxins are an increasing concern in cereals, both for food and feed. Better soil protection by reduced tillage leaves infected residues that may infect the new crops. Also, more warm and humid climates favor the disease.

The objective of the team is to find long-term solutions by genetically adapting the plants to this new environment. Genes need to be identified and transferred into productive cultivars. Genetic (DNA) markers that make this process more efficient, and identification of the resistance genes are the foci of the projects.

The team 
• Principal investigator at UMN: Prof. Ruth Dill-Macky 
• Principal investigator at UMB: Prof. Åsmund Bjørnstad 
• Other team members USA: Prof. Brian Steffenson, Prof. Jim Anderson, Adj. Prof. Corby Kistler, Yanhong Dong (Research Associate) 
• Other team members Norway: Researcher Helge Skinnes, Jon Arne Dieseth (Graminor AS), Erik Lysøe (PostDoc), Selamawit Tekle Gobena (PHD) 

Research projects
• Funding from Norway: Norwegian Research Council award 2007-11 “Mycotoxin prevention through resistant wheat and oats” ($1,631,000), incl. a PostDoc 2008-11.  Norwegian Research Council award 2010-14 with Bioforsk on mycotoxins in wheat and oats, incl. a PhD student.
• Funding from Norway: UMB sponsored PhD studentship 2008-2011 (student from China selected); Approximate time commitment to the team is 15%. 
• Funding from USA: The UMN group in barley, oats, and wheat has averaged about $1 million per year in funding from USDA and MAES. The projects goes toward Fusarium head blight, including breeding efforts in wheat and barley, pathology, genomics, and mycotoxin analysis. 
• The DArT development in oats through a consortium involving UMN, UMB and AgCanada as major partners was published in 2009. SNP marker development (2009-11 ) with USDA partners and General Mills  is progressing well.

Industry partners 
• In USA: none 
• In Norway: Graminor AS 

Researcher exchange, incl. PostDoc and PhD 
• From Norway to USA: Prof. Åsmund Bjørnstad, 2008-09, on sabbatical leave (Fulbright)
• From Norway to USA: Eric Lysøe (PostDoc with Dr. Klemsdal) visiting Dr. Kistler Sept. 2007 – June 2008. 
• From USA to Norway: Corby Kistler, 2008 1-2 months.

• From USA to Norway: Ruth Dill-Macky, 6 weeks, 2008.

• From USA to Norway: Ruth Dill-Macky, BIOFORSK-Conference 2009, 4-5 February 2009, Sanefjord, Norway.

• From USA to Norway: Ruth Dill-Macky, Nordic Baltic Fusarium Seminar (NBFS 2010) 23-25 November 2010, Ski,Norway. 

Student exchange 
• From Norway to USA: Janne Helene Kvamme (MSc student) summer internship (Ruth Dill-Macky), summer 2007, Selamawit Tekle Gobena (MSc student) summer internship (Ruth Dill-Macky) and independent study/thesis research project, MSc thesis 2009 
• From USA to Norway: No definite plans 

Scientific papers 

Laboratory analyses 
Mycotoxin analyses purchased by UMB from UMN enable the UMB partner to conduct large scale field testing

Published: 10.04.08
Updated: 29.10.10
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