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Virtual Reality Lab
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Master studies (PDF)
- Tellef Dannvig & Jostein A Thorvaldsen (2007)
- Knut Andreas Oyvang (2009)
- Marius B Bostadlokken (2009)
- Katrine Solheim (2011)
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Master Studies
Articles tagged with 'Environment':
(01.10.09) Using VR for the reconstruction and restoration of historical gardens
(28.09.09) BIM for Landscape
(12.12.08) Interactive 3d models in landscape architecture
(21.11.08) Environmental study at the VR-Lab
(11.03.08) Activities at VR-Lab
(01.02.08) VR-Lab officially open
(07.01.08) New Virtual Reality Project Funded by The World Bank
(16.10.07) Immersive Virtual Reality In Landscape Planning
(10.10.07) A new Virtual Reality Laboratory at UMB

Virtual Reality Lab

For more information contact :
Ramzi Hassan Dr.Scient.
Associate Professor, Computer Visualizations in Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture.
Department of Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning.
Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB).
P.O.BOX 5029,
1432 Aas - Norway
Phone: +47 64965358
Fax: +47 64948390
Mobile: +47 97001573


  Virtual Reality is an emerging technology that is extremely useful for research, educational, planning and design purposes as well as demonstration for the public. The VR-Lab at UMB is a facility that provides new possibilities for reconstructing and communicating knowledge in a new way. It is used as arena to visualize data and interact with it. Through the reconstructing, modelling and advanced visualizing process, hidden data is made visible. Virtual Reality at UMB is used in following fields.
• Scientific visualizations
• Visual simulations
• Education
• Architectural design and landscape planning
• Art: the creation of artistic applications
• Reconstruction of historical sites   


(01.03.13) BIM for landscape students seminar
(12.12.12) 3D in Desing course at VR-Lab
(28.11.12) Outdoor lighting course at VR-Lab
(21.09.12) New 3D setup ready for use at VR-Lab for research and education
(12.06.12) BIM for Landscape. Master study, June 2012
(13.04.12) Research experiment planned for Thursday and Friday 19 +20/April 2012
(16.09.11) Digital UMB, Platform for collaboration in ICT
(20.05.11) Processes and multidisciplinary communication in pre-projects with use of new technology
(08.03.11) Regional Co-operation in the Field of Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning.
(07.03.11) The impact of viewing condition on landscape evaluations.
(07.03.11) Presence in virtual CAVE
(07.03.11) 3D in Design course presentation at VR-Lab
(03.03.11) 3D-HISTORY course video presentation
(01.10.09) A new course in reconstruction of historical garden
(01.10.09) Using VR for the reconstruction and restoration of historical gardens


3D Modelling
Digital UMB
Historical reconstruction
Landscape architecture
Urban planning
Virtual Reality