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Master studies (PDF)
- Tellef Dannvig & Jostein A Thorvaldsen (2007)
- Knut Andreas Oyvang (2009)
- Marius B Bostadlokken (2009)
- Katrine Solheim (2011)
- Henning Jensen (2012)
- Thomas B Hansen (2013)
- Jesper Vesøen (2013)
- Ole A Vanebo (2013)
- Katrine Brekke (2013)

Master Studies

Key Virtual Reality links

Ramzi Hassan

For background information on the use of Virtual Reality in various subjects, you could check the key links here below.

Uses and Types of VR systems:

Virtual Reality and Full Scale Modelling – a large Mixed Reality system for Participatory Design PDF file (1.8mb)

Mixed Reality System for tracking of 1:100 scale buildings in a town planning scenario

Building Immersive Environments :Applications

Streaming Video Textures for Mixed Reality Applications in Interactive Ray Tracing Environments PDF file (1 mb)

Software Tools for Virtual Reality Application Development

Educational Uses of Virtual Reality Technology

Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management PDF file (94kb)

Operating rooms of the future. Future technology in today's patient treatment. NTNU-Trondheim PDF file (4 mb)

VR for Decision Support in Urban Planning PDF file (0.5mb)

A Working Session on 3-D City Modeling PDF file (23kb)

Vrml for Urban Visualization PDF file (0.2mb)

Virtual Los Angeles

Visualization of Landscape by VRML system PDF file (1.8mb)

Virtual Reality: a communication tool for urban planning

Web-Based Virtual Reality in Design and Manufacturing Applications

Jeff Han

Background on VR:

An Exploration of Immersive Virtual Environments

An operating environment for large scale Virtual Reality PDF file (5mb)

Building A Spatially Immersive Display: HUTCAVE PDF file (0.8mb)

Binding Virtual Environments to Toolkit Capabilities PDF file (0.4mb)

Multisensory Immersion as a Modeling Environment for Learning Complex Scientific Concepts PDF file (1.3mb)

Interaction in large-display VR environments PDF file (0.7mb)

Landscape Architecture in the Reality-Virtuality PDF file (0.3mb)

Definitions, History, and Goals of Visualization: Overview

Link to scientific visualization software

Breaking out of the frame -beyond 2D presentations

Computer Visualization Research Centers

RE-FLEX, the Flexible Reality Centre - Lund

The Virtual Reality Lab - NTNU

UCL centre for advanced spatial analysis

Graphics and Visualization Center

UM3D Lab - University of Michigan

The Urban Simulation Team at UCLA

The Groningen Visualization Centre

The Virtual Reality Application Center

Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision - Graz

Historical visualizations & Virtual Archaeology::

Visualization of Historical Spot around Hakone Barrier Station using Efficient City Modeling PDF file (0.3mb)

Approach to efficient city modeling for visualization of historical city PDF file (0.3mb)

Image-based object reconstruction and visualization for inventory of cultural heritage PDF file (2mb)

Virtual study abroad and exchange studio PDF file (1.3mb)

Ancient Reconstruction of the Pompeii Forum

The Virtual Pompeii Project. PDF file

Rome Reborn

Rome Reborn (text article)

Virtual Reconstructions In Archaeology And Some Issues For Consideration

mage-Based Techniques For Enhancing Virtual Reality Environments. PDF file

Enhancing Virtual Reality Walkthroughs Of Archaeological Sites PDF file

Virtual Heritage At Igrid 2000. PDF file

Reviving The Past: Cultural Heritage Meetsvirtual Reality. PDF file

Making A New World Out Of An Old One: In Search Of A Common Language For Archaeological Immersive Vr Representation- PDF file

VR For Public Consumption. PDF file


Archaeological And Cultural Heritage: Bringing Life To An Unearthed
Muslim Suburb In An Immersive Environment.
PDF file

Dust And Light: Predictive Virtual Archaeology. PDF file

The Virtual Egyptian Temple. PDF file

Virtual Heritage: Living In The Past. PDF file

The Computer-Visualistik-Raum: Veritable And Inexpensive Presentation Of A Virtual Reconstruction. PDF file

Photo-Realistic And Detailed 3d Modeling: The Antonine
Nymphaeum At Sagalassos (Turkey).
PDF file

The Components Of Engagement In Virtual Heritage Environments. PDF file

The Ancient Olympic Games: Being Part Of The Experience. PDF file

Visualization And Simulation For Restoration Of Historical Monuments Through Virtual Heritage. PDF file

Realtime 3d Multimedia System For The Distance Visiting Of
Cultural Heritage. A Case Study On The Chamber Tombs In Via Crispi, Taranto.
PDF file

Digital Archaeology: Bridging Method And Theory.

Virtual Archaeology – What Is It? PDF file

3D Murale

Ancient Jerusalem (From Israeli Point Of View)

The Jerusalem Archaeological Park. (From Israeli Point Of View)

Digital Egypt For Universities.

The Pompey Project.

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Virtual Reality Lab

For more information contact :
Ramzi Hassan Dr.Scient.
Associate Professor, Computer Visualizations in Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture.
Department of Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning.
Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB).
P.O.BOX 5029,
1432 Aas - Norway
Phone: +47 64965358
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Mobile: +47 97001573

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