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Master studies (PDF)
- Tellef Dannvig & Jostein A Thorvaldsen (2007)
- Knut Andreas Oyvang (2009)
- Marius B Bostadlokken (2009)
- Katrine Solheim (2011)
- Henning Jensen (2012)
- Thomas B Hansen (2013)
- Jesper Vesøen (2013)
- Ole A Vanebo (2013)
- Katrine Brekke (2013)

Master Studies

VR-Lab in the News

Ramzi Hassan

Articles and links about UMB’s VR-Lab in the media:

NovaNews article (PDF file 2.5 mb) in Norwegian

Laboratorium for virtuell virkelighet at in Norwegian

Article at (in Norwegian)

VR Lab was on the national TV NRK1 through a since documentary program SCHRØDINGER KATT. The documentary was broadcasted in August 30th, 2007. Check the link here to watch the documentary film (in Norwegian)

ØB news paper article (PDF file: 5mb) in Norwegian

More links in the media on Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality Becoming a Valuable Resource for Researchers

Virtual surgery becoming a reality  CNN Technolgy

Virtual reality shocker Nature news

Microsoft's New Virtual Reality Apps Evoke Blade Runner

Are kids ready for ads in virtual worlds? Cnet News

Virtual reality promises real benefit for healthcare sector

Virtual-Reality Video Game Helps Link Depression To Specific Brain Area Sience daily

Out-of-body experience recreated BBC News

Architects experience virtual reality The Minnesota Daily

Updated: 08.01.09
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Virtual Reality Lab

For more information contact :
Ramzi Hassan Dr.Scient.
Associate Professor, Computer Visualizations in Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture.
Department of Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning.
Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB).
P.O.BOX 5029,
1432 Aas - Norway
Phone: +47 64965358
Fax: +47 64948390
Mobile: +47 97001573