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Master Studies

Digital UMB, Platform for collaboration in ICT

Ramzi Hassan

UMB launch a new platform for collaboration in information technology across institutes in the fields of building engineering, planning, construction and design.

The rapid technological development of ICT and the increased applications of ICT solutions in the industry significantly influence the planning, design, management and organisation of projects. Consequently, ICT has implications for the education and the preparation of students for their future professional careers. Educational institutes clearly have a major role to play in this transition. There is a need to seed the next generation of professionals who are prepared and could use the right technological solutions.  

Digital UMB is a multi disciplinary platform of educators, researchers and  professionals that are dealing with ICT in the fields of planning, design, construction, and building engineering, initiated at UMB by spring 2011. Digital UMB main objective is to explore collaboration potentials through shared subjects in information technology across institutes, partner universities and the industries. Creative collaborations and partnerships would be the central to the development of a new digital curriculum. Digital UMB would operate a digital curriculum which will benefit a variety of stakeholder perspectives, namely students, educators, researchers and the industries.
Digital UMB
Digital UMB Illustration Ramzi Hassan

The new curriculum proposes the following objectives:

First: provide education through planned courses in the common subjects of digital information technology with emphasis on the subjects :  CAD (Computer Aided Design), BIM (Building Information Modelling) and VR (Virtual Reality and computer visualizations)

Second: provide a two-years master program in the subject of digital information technology for planning, design and engineering (Design and Building Informatics).

Third: focus on research collaboration with the industries. A research work for investigation/developing tools and practices connected to the use of information technology,  and communication.

Updated: 16.09.11
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Virtual Reality Lab

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Associate Professor, Computer Visualizations in Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture.
Department of Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning.
Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB).
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